Business travellers’ rogue booking behaviour

Nearly half of all business travellers confess to straying out of policy when booking hotel rooms, according to new research from Egencia.

While the majority of companies have a travel policy in place, 46 per cent of business travellers surveyed book hotels however they choose, with rogue bookings largely attributed to hotel locations and pricing.

“When it comes to hotels, we know that it’s not about searching, it’s about finding. That’s why we find ways to serve up the right choice for business travellers within the first few search results,” says Andrew Dyer, VP Global Supply-Lodging at Egencia.

“And it works - 75 percent of Egencia travellers book one of the top seven hotel results and over half book from the top three.”

Dyer continues: “Travellers want an intuitive, cross-device experience with clear descriptions of what is included in the price. With this they can feel confident that they are booking the right accommodations, which will in turn increase policy compliance.”

According to the study – Egencia’s fourth Business Travel & Technology survey - incentives for staying within policy vary by region, but globally, monetary rewards prove to be the most likely incentive to encourage travellers to book within their policy.

Sixty-two percent of business travellers say that they would choose within policy if they receive a percentage of savings for booking below the cap and an additional 60% would comply if they received funds they could apply to other travel options.

Loyalty points are the third most appealing incentive, with 56% of UK travellers saying they would book within policy if offered hotel loyalty points.