New Caledonian Sleeper carriages reach UK shores

The first carriages for the new fleet of Caledonian Sleeper trains have arrived in the UK.

The new carriages will begin operating on the overnight rail service between London and Scotland this October.

Over £100million has been invest in the new fleet, with 75 new carriages being gradually introduced from this autumn.

The introduction of new trains will be the culmination of a range of improvements and investment in Caledonian Sleeper since Serco took the operation over in 2015.

New features include a hotel-style key card entry system, more accessible rooms, charging panels and wifi throughout the train.

A range of accommodation options will be available, including Comfort Seats from £45pp, Classic Rooms from £85pp, Club Rooms from £125pp, and Suites from £200pp.

“We believe the new Caledonian Sleeper trains will truly set a new standard in overnight travel and we have worked closely with Transport Scotland on their development,” says Peter Strachan, Chairman, Serco Caledonian Sleeper.

“The Sleeper is known throughout the UK as a great way to travel and it is our intention to improve on every aspect of that journey, while offering great value of money for our guests.”

Highlights also include new uniforms, toilets and F&B offering. Ticketing has also been improved with the introduction of electronic ticketing and enhanced online functionality for regular guests.

The new trains are being constructed by CAF in Spain and will be the first sleeper trains to be introduced to the UK for over 35 years.