Statesman Travel’s post-acquisition upgrade

The Statesman Travel Group has re-branded as Travel and Transport Statesman following its acquisition earlier this year.

The TMC was taken over by Nebraska-based Travel and Transport in May.

“Our goal is to build a new kind of international travel management partner,” said the organisation in a statement this week.

“It’s our combined vision to provide a consistent traveller experience, shared proprietary technology, and a truly personal service wherever you and your people are going in the world. We can only do that as one company, and that is why now is the right time for us to move forward as one globally recognised brand.”

Clients can look forward to technology upgrades that include a new app, Dash Mobile, and new booking portal called Dash.

The company is also introducing online pre-trip tracking and a reporting system that identifies savings opportunities and flags up policy exceptions.

The group’s combined travel spend now exceeds $3billion, giving it “significantly increased buying power”.