BTD gets tough on out of policy bookings

Business Travel Direct is joining forces with Traxo to help corporates keep track of hotel bookings made out of policy.

It becomes the first UK TMC to implement the Traxo CONNECT platform which includes a data parsing tool that extracts details from booking confirmation emails.

The tool then passes the relevant information to TRIPBAM – another BTD partner – in order to search for savings opportunities by rebooking at the same or preferred hotels nearby as prices change.

“In 2016 we launched the TRIPBAM product to a number of our clients,” says Julie Oliver managing director at BTD. “Since then we have rolled it out to most of our clients who have benefitted from the savings that TRIPBAM identified.”

“TRIPBAM works wonderfully when we have the booking data to feed into the system,” explains Julie Oliver, Managing Director of Business Travel Direct. “The challenge we faced was in utilising the TRIPBAM service on out of policy bookings that still make up a significant proportion of bookings.

“With Traxo we now have a tool that can get hold of that data, analyse it and automatically send it to TRIPBAM.”

BTD began working with TRIPBAM in 2016 and says the tool identifies savings in 40% of bookings, with average savings of £30.

“We are currently trialling the product with a few clients and have already had success in identifying out of policy bookings,” adds Oliver.

“We can now use TRIPBAM’s benchmarking functionality to show both corporates and travellers the savings that could be achieved and so reduce the level of direct bookings.”