Business travel set for “unprecedented change”

Business travel will undergo “unprecedented change” in 2016 according to a new report that considers the convergence of changing traveller demands, the mobile revolution and the improving economy.


The report from Barclaycard cites the increasing expectations of business travellers used to consumer travel tools – a growing trend now that the millennial generation begins to move into middle management.

The white paper explores the implications of the trend and identifies demand, data and distribution as the most significant challenges now facing businesses.

“These ‘3Ds’ usher in an unprecedented era of change,” says the report.

“Business travel has now moved from using a few suppliers to a multitude of options; from controlled communications between suppliers and business travellers to personalised offers sent directly to end-users; and from one booking system with one payment option to a variety of solutions that can be reconciled over several platforms.”

Maria Parpou, Product Director at Barclaycard Global Commercial Payments, adds, “Technology in particular has played a significant role in bringing the expectations of business and leisure closer together, leading to major shifts in the demands and expectations of travellers.

“What’s more, the explosion of data allows travellers and suppliers to connect directly to one another. In spite of these changes, the need for businesses to maintain control over their travel programme still remains,” adds Parpou.

The full report can be downloaded here