Doing business
The Swiss are as punctual as their railway network and you should be too. Other than that, there are few rules beyond common sense when it comes to cutting a deal. Expect to be asked to be precise and detailed rather than informal and less detailed at first. If you’re bringing any presents, make sure they’re not watches or chocolates. The Swiss do these better than you.


Cool hotel
Zurich continues to rev up as an exciting world city, and the prerequisite funky hotels are coming along thick and fast. Hotel Greulich (www.greulich.ch) has retro art deco rooms and longer-stay business apartments arranged around one of the town’s hippest restaurants. Double rooms start at £155, which isn’t bad value for a hotel of this quality in what is now one of Europe’s most expensive destinations.

Hip restaurant
Forget fondue. Sankt Mainrad (www.sanktmeinrad.ch) produces mouth-watering modern 'multi-kulti' food prepared, according to head chef Tobias Meinrad Buholzer, without rules. Look out for their steak served with signature cocoa bean sauce.

Happening bar
Run by the guy who seems to be behind half the city’s nightlife, Yves Spink, the Longstreet is a music bar with a varied roll call of DJs coming in and out. It is 'jacket and tie off and dancing shoes on' time.

Getting there
Zurich is connected by a host of direct flights to London airports, plus Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Bristol and Dublin. Carriers include Swiss, British Airways, Aer Lingus, easyJet and Air France. As a key business destination flight prices will be keenest between Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Getting downtown
Zurich Airport is a mere six miles from the city centre and up to nine trains an hour run from Hauptbahnhof. Trains fares cost around £5 and the journey takes just nine to 14 minutes to the city centre.

The details
Zurich may be Switzerland’s highest profile city but it is not the capital, nor is equally cosmopolitan Geneva – that honour falls to more low-key Bern. Zurich, however, is the best-connected and largest of them all. Switzerland retains its own currency despite being surrounded by Euro-toting states, and there are 1.5 Swiss Francs to the Pound. Zurich is one hour ahead of GMT.